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Registrar Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy

In any dispute relating to Inter-Registrar domain name transfers, Registrars are encouraged to first of all attempt to resolve the problem among the Registrars involved in the dispute. In cases where this is unsuccessful and where a registrar elects to file a dispute, the following procedures apply. It is very important for Registrars to familiarize themselves with the Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP) as described in this document before filing a dispute. Transfer dispute resolution fees can be substantial. It is critical that Registrars fully understand the fees that must be paid, which party is responsible for paying those fees and when and how those fees must be paid.
The TDRP and corresponding procedures will apply to all domain names for which transfer requests are submitted on or after the effective date of this policy.
1. Definitions
¡¾1.1¡¿Dispute Resolution Panel
The Dispute Resolution Panel shall mean an administrative panel appointed by a Dispute Resolution Provider ("Provider") to decide a Request for Enforcement concerning a dispute under this Dispute Resolution Policy.
¡¾1.2¡¿Dispute Resolution Provider
The Dispute Resolution Provider must be an independent and neutral third party that is neither associated nor affiliated with either Registrar involved in the dispute or the Registry Operator under which the disputed domain name is registered. ICANN shall have the authority to accredit one or more independent and neutral Dispute Resolution Providers according to criteria developed in accordance with this Dispute Resolution Policy.
Form of Authorization - The standardized form of consent that the Gaining Registrar and Registrar of Record are required to use to obtain authorization from the Registrant or Administrative Contact in order to properly process the transfer of domain name sponsorship from one Registrar to another.
¡¾1.4¡¿Gaining Registrar
The Registrar that submitted to the Registry the request for the transfer of a domain sponsorship from the Registrar of Record.
¡¾1.5¡¿Registrar of Record
The Registrar of Record for a domain name for which the Registry received a transfer of sponsorship request.
The Registrant is the individual or organization that registers a specific domain name. This individual or organization holds the right to use that specific domain name for a specified period of time, provided certain conditions are met and the registration fees are paid. This person or organization is the "legal entity" bound by the terms of the relevant service agreement with the Registry operator for the TLD in question.
¡¾1.7¡¿Registry (Registry Operator)
The organization authorized by ICANN to provide registration services for a given TLD to ICANN-accredited Registrars.
¡¾1.8¡¿Supplemental Rules
The Supplemental Rules shall mean those rules adopted by the Registry Operator, in the case of First Level disputes (as set forth below), or the Provider administering a proceeding (in the case of all other disputes) to supplement this Policy. Supplemental Rules shall be consistent with this Dispute Resolution Policy and shall cover topics such as fees, word and page limits and guidelines, the means for communicating with the Provider, and the form of cover sheets.
¡¾1.9¡¿Transfer Policy
The Policy on Transfer of Sponsorship of Registrations between Registrars which is in force as part of the Registry-Registrar Agreement executed between a Registrar and the Registry, as well as the Registrar Accreditation Agreement which is executed between ICANN and all ICANN- accredited registrars.
2. Dispute Resolution Process
There are two possible steps to the Registrar Transfer Dispute Resolution Process. A Registrar may elect one or both of the steps pursuant to the rules below. In the event a Registrar either files a Request for Enforcement (as described below) with a Second-Level Dispute Provider, or files an Appeal (as described below) with a Dispute Provider, it may not revert to the First-Level Registry option later for the same filing or matter presented for resolution.
¡¾2.1¡¿First Level - Registry Operator
A Registrar may choose to file a dispute directly with the relevant Registry Operator. Any decisions made by the Registry Operator may be appealed to a Dispute Resolution Provider. A Registrar may file a dispute directly to a Dispute Resolution Provider; however, in that case the filing Registrar would forfeit any right to appeal the decision of the Dispute Resolution Provider.
¡¾2.2¡¿Second-Level - Dispute Resolution Panel
The primary intent of this step is to provide a means for registrars to appeal decisions made by the Registry at the first level of the dispute resolution process, but it may also be used as the first step if a registrar so elects. The decision of the Dispute Resolution Panel is final, except as it may be appealed to a court of competent jurisdiction.

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