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MPOX Brands certification Center Domain Tools Bundle comes free with every domain registration, so you have complete control over your domain. The Domain Tools Bundle includes free DNS Management, free URL Forwarding, and free Email Forwarding. We make it simple to: forward your domain names to any website, forward your email to an existing email address, create multiple subdomains, and more!

URL Forwarding - Free
MPOX Brands certification Center URL Forwarding service lets you forward your domain to an existing website. URL forwarding is perfect for people who want to redirect their domain to a URL that is too long to remember. You can use MPOX Brands certification Center URL forwarding to forward your domain to any URL (website). MPOX Brands certification Center offers both Masked and Unmasked URL Forwarding.

DNS Management - Free
MPOX Brands certification Center complete DNS Management allows you to use MPOX Brands certification Centerr Solutions nameservers for your domain. There's no need to maintain your own DNS server.

Email Forwarding - Free
MPOX Brands certification Center Email Forwarding service lets you create email addresses for your domains and forward them to any other valid email address. You can forward up to 250 email addresses for your domain.

More about Email Forwarding
Email Forwarding forwards email addresses at your domain to any other valid existing e-mail addresses. You can also add a "catch-all" address that forwards all email sent to your domain.

Transfer Lock - Free
Lock down your domains and prevent unauthorized domain name transfers with MPOX Brands certification Center Transfer Lock. TransferLock prevents your domain names from being transferred unless you login to your account and unlock your domains.

NameSafe - $10/yr.
The ultimate in domain name security, NameSafe adds an extra layer of email authentication to prevent unauthorized account ownership updates, nameserver updates, contact updates, moving domains between accounts, and registrar transfers. Domains using NameSafe are under locked status with the registry.

MPOX Brands certification Center Service Provider Domain offers two types of free URL Forwarding, Masked and Unmasked

Masked URL Forwarding forwards your domain to any URL that you choose. The true URL of the website does not appear in the address bar of a user's browser - instead, the domain name being forwarded appears in its place.

When to use Masked URL Forwarding:

  • If you have a profile at a social networking website or a free site that gives you a long URL, register your own domain and forward it these longer URLs. Your customers, friends, and associates won¡¯t have to memorize a long URL. Instead they can just type in your domain. Masked URL Forwarding will hide the long URL, so your users only have to type in the domain you registered at MPOX Brands certification Center Domain.

When to use Unmasked URL Forwarding:

  • If you already have a .com domain, protect your online identity by registering the related domain extensions like .net, org, info, biz, us, and mobi and then forwarding these domains to your primary .com address. If a user types in the .net address, it will forward automatically to the .com domain and show the user the real .com address. This ensures that your visitors both reach your website and also know the true address for the next time they surf back to your site.
  • Register all the misspellings of your domain name, and forward the misspelled domain names to your true URL. If a visitor types in the misspelling, they will automatically be forwarded to the intended, correct website with the correct address.
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