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Domain FAQ

Q. How do I renew my domains?

A: Login to your account using the form above. Click "Renew Domains." Choose the domains you would like to renew and follow the directions.

Q. What happens if I don't renew my domains?

A: There are several steps after your domain expires to safeguard you from losing any domains you want to keep.

  1. 60-days* before your domain(s) expire MyDomain will send notices reminding you to renew them. The exact expiration date can be seen in your account.
  2. If the domain expires it may still be maintained in the registration database for a 5-day* grace period where it can be renewed at the normal renewal price. During this time all services such as hosting or email will not be active.
  3. After the grace period it will be deactivated and placed into a 30-day* Redemption Period (Note - Some domains may not make it to the redemption period if they are purchased by a third party. Be sure to renew your domains before they enter redemption status.)
  4. Once the Redemption Period has elapsed the domain may be registered by another party.

* Number of days stated in the domain expiration/redemption explanation are approximate.

60 Days before expiration renewal notices start going out. *

Grace Period 5 Days *

Redemption Period 30 days *

Deletion Period 5 days *

* Time frames are aproximate and subject to change

Q. My domain is in "Redemption." What does that mean?

A: (see renewal process above) Once a domain goes into the redemption period it can be obtained by other parties. You may still be able to redeem the domain for up to 30-days by request by filling out this form (there is a link to the form below). The fee for reactivating a domain in the Redemption Period is $99.95 + the normal renewal fee. At the end of the Redemption Period the domain(s) will go into a 5-day delete cycle at the end of which they will become available for anyone to register.

Make a request to reactivate domain(s) in the Redemption Period.

Q. What if I don't want to receive any more notices?

A: If you don't want to get any more notices regarding certain domains you can remove them from the reminder list. However, as long as you have at least one domain that is set to expire within 60 days you will receive the weekly report. In your latest e-mail notice check the domains you don't want to receive reminders about and click "cancel reminders." Those domains will no longer be included in any further reports except for one final deactivation notice on the day of expiration.

Q. What does DomainSync do?

A: DomainSync is a new service that allows you to synchronize the expiration date of all your .com and .net domains making it easier to renew them all at once.

Q. There are errors in my account info. What do I do?

A: Click the "Update Account Info" button. Login to your account. Update any incorrect fields in your account information and click "update." Note: If you are still getting more than one consolidated notice even though the account IDs are the same it may be because your account information is different. By making the account information the same you will get one notice.

Q. What does "auto renew" mean. How do I change it?

A: As a security precaution all new registrations are set to auto-renew unless otherwise specified by the customer. This prevents domain names from accidentally expiring and you from losing control of your web site, e-mail services that you may have with that domain. The first auto-renew attempt is billed 20 days before the date of expiration. If it does not go through the second attempt is billed 15 days before expiration. The auto renews are billed on the same credit card you used to register the domain.

If you want the name to auto-renew, but the credit card information is no longer valid, login to your account and click "update credit card info."

If you want your name to auto-renew, but the auto renew is turned off, login to your account, select the domain(s) you want to modify. Click the "enable/disable auto-renewal." Click "update preferences."

Q. My auto renew failed. What do I do?

A: Most likely your auto-renewal failed because the credit card information is no longer valid. To resolve this problem you will need to update your credit card information. You may need to manually renew your domain if it is less than 15-days before expiration.

Q. My credit card is invalid. How do I update it?

A: Login to your account and click the "update credit card information" link.

Q. I am still getting multiple renewal notices for the same account ID

A: This is probably because the name and contact information is different for each domain. To consolidate all of your domains into one notice be sure that your contact information is consistent for each domain. Login to your account, click "update account information." Update the information to make it consistent with other notices you have gotten.

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